About EVUS Services Ltd.

We are a company that assists with visa applications and performs the further processing. We are proud to provide applicants with a better service and experience than what they get at the embassies. We strive to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction, and we have become a reliable third-party service provider. We provide assistance in the preparation of tax returns, legal services, B2B / business / business services, immigration lawyers or immigration consultants, where the focus is on consultation and not just help in obtaining specific travel documents.

We make the application process fast, easy and secure. We work in full compliance with the international rules of the standard payment card industry – Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS – data security standard), adopted by the leading credit card companies to protect customers’ personal information.

EVUS Services Ltd. has developed into one of the world’s leading online visa service providers and understands the confusion, frustration and time consumption associated with the visa application process, and we provide fast, friendly and expert visa advice and assistance.

Citizens of VWP (Visa Waiver Program) member countries are required to obtain an electronic travel authorization system in order to travel to or through the United States.
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