Delivery Policy

Our delivery policy is described to explain to you, our customer, how we complete the processing of the application offered on our website.

1 – is a private, third-party agency that processes ESTA applications and it is not in any way affiliated with the United States Government.

2 – Our service:

  • Entering and processing information in connection with the application for an ESTA Visa Waiver.
  • Processing of the application and status update on the same day.
  • Confirmation of shrimp permit delivered via email.
  • Update of the information in the application and status check for 2 years from receipt of the ESTA permit
  • ESTA customer support via email and phone around the clock.

3 – makes no guarantee that applications will be accepted. We only process the information in the customer’s application and integrate it into the ESTA-CBP system.

4 – The customer is responsible for providing valid and correct information in the application. is not responsible for rejected applications due to invalid or incorrect information provided by the customer.

5 – Once the application data has been received, has 24 hours to process the application and to provide the customer with a status update. No service claim is accepted for undelivered documents with confirmations of travel permits within 24 hours after the customer has handed in the information. The customer is entitled to service if he / she has not received a confirmation document or a status update after 24 hours.

6 – Applications can be postponed by CBP for various reasons. In such cases, a customer service representative will contact the customer to coordinate a possible solution. The same applies if an application is rejected.

7 – The services provided in this context are related to the submission of ESTA applications. The cost of processing applications includes all service fees (up to $ 81, depending on the applicant’s residence). We are not affiliated with either the United States Government or the Embassy. The processing fee includes $ 14, which is charged by the U.S. authorities for issuing your ESTA. You can apply directly via By purchasing our service, the customer agrees to pay a service fee for processing information and assistance, including a fee of 14 USD, which pays on his / her behalf to customs and border control and to the US Government for ESTA system fees.

8 – The customer also expressly authorizes to process his / her application data and to apply on his / her behalf to the CPB-ESTA system in accordance with our privacy policy and CBP’s privacy statement on :

9 – The customer confirms that he / she is entitled and has a legal permission to pay with the specified credit or debit card. deducts a total fee from the stated credit card and cannot be held responsible for any kind of illegal use of the credit information provided by the customer.

Once our same-day treatment service has been completed, which includes weekends and holidays, we deliver the product to you exclusively by email.

We strongly recommend that you add our e-mail address to your whitelist to ensure that our e-mail is not rejected due to a crowded inbox.

PDF files can be read using Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded for free.

If you have questions about our delivery policy, you are welcome to contact us via e-mail We will respond within 24 hours.

Our processing service is considered to be delivered to you when it is delivered via e-mail. We recommend that you make a paper copy of your travel permit, as some airlines want to see a copy of it at check-in.

Citizens of VWP (Visa Waiver Program) member countries are required to obtain an electronic travel authorization system in order to travel to or through the United States.
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