Terms and Conditions

Below you will find terms and conditions for the use of esta-visum-usa.dk, which is regulated by British law.

The company processes an application according to the customer’s requirements and wishes and is not responsible for any incorrect information. The company makes every effort to obtain the correct visa for the specified period of time. However, the company is not responsible for the following incidents that may occur at the embassy: refusal to issue the visa, refusal to accept the application, issuance of an incorrect visa, delay in processing the visa.

If the company should have caused any of the above due to errors or omissions, its liability is strictly limited to the cost of a replacement visa or a refund of all fees paid, and the company can not take responsibility for consequential losses, such as, but not limited to, lost profit / income, lost flight costs.


Cancellation rights

If you have submitted your application to us online or by telephone, it is assumed that you have agreed that we can start processing your application immediately and provide our service. As a result, you are not entitled to cancel the agreement under “The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013”. The reason is that under Regulations 36 (1) (a) and 37 (1) (a) you lose your right to cancel if you agree that we can start providing our service within the cancellation period.



This website, esta-visum-usa.dk, is owned and operated by EVUS Services Ltd. If you do not agree to be bound by and comply with these terms and conditions, please do not open or use this website.


Restriction of use

You may not use this website or the services offered on or through it, for personal gain, and you may not sell or provide any services or information available on or through this website (or any modification, adaptation or analysis of them) to third parties, or benefit from them in any other way.



We reserve the right from time to time to: (a) change and / or introduce new and / or additional security measures; (b) temporarily remove and / or restrict access to this Website for a single person (s); and (c) do anything else we deem necessary to maintain the security and integrity of this website as well as the information stored in the websites of this website.


Correctness and content of the website

We use reasonable skill and care in gathering the information available on and through this website. Certain information may, however, be collected by and / or passed on to us by third parties who are not members of our network. esta-visum-usa.dk takes no responsibility for the accuracy of information coming from such third parties. In addition, errors and omissions in the information available on and through this website may occur due to a number of factors that are inherent in any internet-related system and which are not under our reasonable control. For example. information may be affected by errors in machines, software or by the operator, or by malfunctions in the data transfer. Against this background, the information is offered “as is” and you should always try to verify the accuracy of all the information you receive from this website before trusting this data.
This is a dynamic website, and as a result, the look and feel of the content may change without notice from time to time.


Limited license and ownership

De får en begrænset licens til at downloade materialerne på denne hjemmeside til en personlig computer og til at udprinte en papirkopi af disse materialer udelukkende til Deres personlige, ikke-kommercielle brug, forudsat, at alle ophavsrettigheder, varemærker og andre ejendomsrettigheder forbliver uberørte.
Alle former for oversættelse, genudsendelse, distribution eller anden anvendelse af materialerne på denne hjemmeside og i dens databaser på ethvert andet internetsted eller medium er strengt forbudt, undtagen hvis det er udtrykkeligt og specifikt tilladt i disse vilkår for anvendelsen. Det er ligeledes forbudt: (a) at gengive denne hjemmeside eller en del af den i en ramme på en anden hjemmeside; eller (b) at spejle denne hjemmeside på en anden server; eller (c) at anvende en automatisk hentning af skærmbilleder eller at bruge automatiske screen-scraping-teknologier for at skaffe sig nogen som helst form for informationer fra denne hjemmeside.
Tildelingen af denne begrænsede licens er betinget af Deres accept og overholdelse af samtlige af disse anvendelsesbetingelser.
Software (hvis det findes) som er stillet til rådighed for at blive downloaded fra denne hjemmeside enten ejes af os eller er licenseret til os. De må kun anvende dette software i overensstemmelse med slutbrugerlicensen, der kommer med dette software. Hvis der ikke findes en sådan licens, får De tildelt en ikke-ekslusiv, ikke-overførbar licens til anvendelse af det omtalte software til at bruge denne hjemmeside i overensstemmelse med disse anvendelsesbetingelser.
Alle ophavsrettigheder og alle andre rettigheder til intellektuel ejendom samt ejendomsrettigheder af enhver slags, som på nogen måde er forbundet med denne hjemmeside (inkl., men ikke begrænset til, rettigheder til dets indhold, branding og tjenesterne, software og alle andre materialer, som stilles til rådighed på den og igennem den), som ikke er tildelt Dem i overensstemmelse med disse anvendelsesbetingelser, er herved udtrykkeligt forbeholdt esta-visum-usa.dk, eller i tilfælde af andre varemærker, navne og logoer som vises på denne hjemmeside, deres respektive ejere.


Their acceptance

Ved at bruge denne hjemmeside accepterer De, at esta-visum-usa.dk behandler og transporterer Deres oplysninger (både inden for og uden for EEA) i et omfang , som er nødvendigt for, at vi kan yde Dem denne service og for, at De kan bruge denne hjemmeside og modtage Deres ESTA.


Delivery policy

Our delivery policy is described to explain to you, our customer, how we complete the processing of the application offered on our website.

1 – esta-visum-usa.dk is a private, third-party agency that processes ESTA applications and is not affiliated in any way with the United States Government.

2 – Our service:

Entering and processing information in connection with the application for an ESTA Visa Waiver.
Processing of the application and status update on the same day.
Confirmation of shrimp permit delivered via email.
Update of the information in the application and status check for 2 years from receipt of the ESTA permit
ESTA customer support via email and phone around the clock.
3 – esta-visum-usa.dk makes no guarantee that applications will be accepted. We only process the information in the customer’s application and integrate it into the ESTA-CBP system.

4 – The customer is responsible for providing valid and correct information in the application. esta-visum-usa.dk is not responsible for rejected applications due to invalid or incorrect information provided by the customer.

5 – Once the application data has been received, esta-visum-usa.dk has 24 hours to process the application and to provide the customer with a status update. No service claim is accepted for undelivered documents with confirmations of travel permits within 24 hours after the customer has handed in the information. The customer is entitled to service if he / she has not received a confirmation document or a status update after 24 hours.

6 – Applications can be postponed by CBP for various reasons. In such cases, a customer service representative will contact the customer to coordinate a possible solution. The same applies if an application is rejected.

7 – The services provided in this context are related to the submission of ESTA applications. The cost of processing applications includes all service fees (up to $ 81, depending on the applicant’s residence). We are not affiliated with either the United States Government or the Embassy. The processing fee includes $ 14, which is charged by the U.S. authorities for issuing your ESTA. You can apply directly via https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/. By purchasing our service, the customer agrees to pay a service fee for the processing of information and assistance, including a fee of 14 USD, which esta-visum-usa.dk pays on his / her behalf to customs and border control and to the US government for ESTA system fees.

8 – The customer also expressly authorizes esta-visum-usa.dk to process his / her application data and to apply on his / her behalf to the CPB-ESTA system in accordance with our privacy policy and CBP’s statement on personal protection information at: https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/html/privacy.htm

9 – The customer confirms that he / she is entitled and has a legal permission to pay with the specified credit or debit card. esta-visum-usa.dk deducts a total fee from the stated credit card and cannot be held responsible for any kind of illegal use of the credit information provided by the customer.

Once our same-day treatment service has been completed, which includes weekends and holidays, we deliver the product to you exclusively by email.

We strongly recommend that you add our email address orders@official-esta.com to your whitelist to ensure that our email is not rejected due to a crowded inbox.

PDF files can be read using Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded for free.

If you have any questions about our delivery policy, please feel free to contact us by email (support@official-esta.com). We will respond within 24 hours.

Our processing service is considered to be delivered to you when it is delivered via e-mail. We recommend that you make a paper copy of your travel permit, as some airlines want to see a copy of it at check-in.


Disclaimer and limit of damages

(a) Hvis ikke andet er angivet i disse anvendelsesbetingelser, bliver denne hjemmeside, dens indhold og enhver måde, hvorpå De vælger at bruge det, stillet til rådighed og tilladt for Dem uden nogen form for tilsagn og garantier, hverken udtrykkeligt eller implicit, og vi fraskriver os ansvaret for alle sådanne tilsagn og garantier i det omfang loven tillader. Vi garanterer ikke for, at informationer som findes på denne hjemmeside eller som man får adgang til igennem den, er passende, fuldstændige, korrekte eller aktuelle, og vi garanterer heller ikke, at hjemmesiden (eller nogen del af den) altid er tilgængelig, fuldt fungerende og fri for fejl og virusser. I overensstemmelse hermed accepterer De, at De udelukkende kan klage over overtrædelser af disse anvendelsesbetingelser er, hvis vi har brudt aftalen under disse anvendelsesbetingelser.
(b) Med undtagelse af paragraf (d) nedenfor, men ellers i det omfang loven tillader, udelukker vi og er ikke ansvarlige for alle former for tab, skader og ansvar (uanset om det skyldes vores forsømmelse) for alle former for spildt tid, tab og beskadigelse af data, alle tab af profit, muligheder og goodwill , og alle indirekte og pønale tab  og skader samt følgeskader der opstår af eller i sammenhæng med anvendelsen af denne hjemmeside og/eller informationerne på den, eller andre tjenester stillet til rådighed igennem den, uanset, hvordan de opstår, under kontrakt, erstatningspligtigt uden for kontrakt (herunder forsømmelse), objektivt ansvar eller andet, og selv om de kunne rimeligvis forudses eller hvis vi er blevet gjort opmærksom på muligheden for sådanne tab/skader/ansvar.
(c) Med undtagelse af paragraf (d) nedenfor, men ellers i det omfang loven tillader, vil vores totale samlede ansvar herunder med hensyn til direkte tab og skader samt andet direkte ansvar, uanset hvordan de opstår, under kontrakt, erstatningspligtigt uden for kontrakt (herunder forsømmelse), objektivt ansvar eller andet, være begrænset til £100 per krav eller serie af forbundne krav.
(d) Intet i disse anvendelsesbetingelser vil begrænse vores ansvar for:
(i) tab eller skade på grund af død eller personskade, som er forårsaget af vores forsømmelse; eller
(ii) enhver form for bedragerisk vildledning begået af os eller personer under vores kontrol.
(e) Hvis De anvender denne hjemmeside som forbruger, vil intet i disse anvendelsesbetingelser på nogen måde indskrænke Deres lovfæstede rettigheder.


Refund policy

Fordi hjemmesiden anvender Instant Payment Notification-systemet (IPN), hvormed vores service kan udføres umiddelbart efter at bearbejdelsesgebyret er betalt, har vi en IKKE-REFUNDERINGS-politik. Omkostningerne for ESTA-ansøgningen kan ikke refunderes, og hvis der skulle eksistere en anden US ESTA eller hvis den bliver fundet for den/de rejsende, er vi ikke i stand til at refundere vores gebyr.

Vi  tager også højde for undtagelsestilfælde, hvis der skulle ske noget, som er uden for vores kontrol, og vi vil tage refunderinger i betragtning på grundlag af det enkelte tilfælde. Send os en e-mail til support@official-esta.com.


Independence of the Terms

If one or more of the provisions of these Terms of Use are at any time declared invalid by a court, arbitral tribunal or other competent legal entity, or otherwise declared unenforceable, this Decision will not annul or invalidate the other Terms of Use. These Terms of Use will be deemed amended when provisions are amended or separated where necessary to make them valid, lawful and enforceable while maintaining their intention or, if this is not possible, by replacing them with another provision. , which is valid, lawful and practicable and which is materially effective according to its intention. All invalid or unenforceable provisions may be separated from these Terms of Use so that the validity or enforceability of the other provisions, or the validity of the provision (s) in any other legal context is not affected.


The overall agreement

These Terms of Use supersede all prior agreements, arrangements and declarations (with the exception of those for which no liability is excluded) between us with respect to your use of this Website and constitute the entire agreement between us with respect to the same.


Changes in the conditions of use

We may without notice change these Terms of Use, adapt them or change them in any other way from time to time (for reasons related to security, legislation or rules, or to adapt them to updates or changes in the website’s service or functionality). By continuing to use this website, you accept these changed terms of use and you should review them before continuing to use this website.


About us

This website is provided to you by EVUS Services Ltd, Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX. All rights reserved.
Our normal business hours are at 9.00 to kl. 18.00 on weekdays, except public holidays.
You can contact us by writing to us at the above address, or by using the function “Contact us” on this website.



These Terms of Use do not constitute and should not be construed as a partnership, joint venture or employment contract between you and us.
You may not assign, sublicense or otherwise assign or trade any of our rights or obligations under these Terms of Use without our prior written consent.
Headings in these Terms of Use are for convenience only. They are not part of these Terms of Use.



We reserve the right to block your access to this website immediately and without prior notice if we believe in good faith that you have not complied with any / all of these terms of use.


Rights of third parties

No one other than you and we has any rights under the Contracts (Third Party Rights) Act of 1999 to enforce any / all of these Terms of Use, whether or not the person or legal person named is a member of a collective or corresponds to a particular description. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this clause affects the rights of an authorized holder of an awarded contract or an acquiring entity.


Applicable law

Use of this website and its service is subject to English law, and you irrevocably agree to surrender any claim or dispute arising out of, in connection with or in connection with this website (and your use of the service or its service and / or the possibilities offered through it) to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


Passports and visas

For this information, you must consult the corresponding embassy or consulate. The requirements may change and you should check the current situation well in advance of departure. We regret that we can not take any responsibility if you are denied access to the flight or entry into a country due to an error on your part because you had an incorrect passport, visa or incorrect other documents required by an airline, an authority or a country. Health: Travel vaccination requirements can change all the time and you should ask your doctor for the current recommendations before traveling. Health requirements for your holiday destination are described in a booklet from the Ministry of Health entitled “The Traveler’s Guide to Health” (T4). It is your own responsibility to ensure that you receive all recommended medication and follow all medical recommendations in connection with your trip.

The user’s use of the website and the service offered is subject to the clear condition that the website and / or the service offered is not involved in consulting and that one should not base his decisions about travel or other related decisions on them. The information contained on the website and / or the service offered is provided without any implied or implied warranties as to the accuracy, usability of the purpose, compatibility or security of any of the components of the website and of the service offered. The company does not guarantee the uninterrupted availability of the website and the service offered, or that the commitments or statements found on the website are free from errors.


This privacy policy presents the methods of privacy protection at esta-visa-us.eu.

This privacy policy applies only to the information collected by this website. It will inform you of the following:
What personally identifiable information is collected about you via the website, how it is used and with whom it may deles.
What choices do you have regarding the use of your information.
The security procedures used to protect you from misuse of your information.
How you can correct any. incorrect information.


Collection, use and sharing of information

We are the sole owners of the information collected on this website. We only have access to / collect information that you voluntarily give us via e-mail or other direct contact with you. We do not sell or rent this information to anyone. We use your information to answer you in connection with the reason why you have contacted us. We do not share your information with third parties outside our company, except where necessary to execute your order, e.g. to email an order or to complete a payment.


Their access to and control over information

You can at any time unsubscribe from receiving future inquiries from us. You can do the following at any time by contacting us via the email address provided on our website:

See what information we have about you, if any.
Change / correct all information we have about you.
Ask us to delete information we have about you.
Express your concerns about our use of your information.



We take precautions to protect your information. When you submit sensitive information via the Website, your information is protected both online and offline. Every time we collect sensitive information (eg credit card data) this information is encrypted and transmitted to us in a secure way. You can check this by seeing if there is an icon with a closed lock at the bottom of your web browser, or if it says “https” at the beginning of the website address. We use encryption to protect sensitive information transmitted online, but we also protect your information offline. Only those employees who need the information to perform a special task (eg invoicing or customer service) have access to personally identifiable information. The computers / servers on which we store personally identifiable information are located in a secure environment.



We ask you for mandatory information in order to execute your order in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. This information is not used for marketing purposes. To place an order with us, you must provide personal, contact, travel and biometric information (such as your full name, your date of birth, your address, your passport information, your itinerary, etc.), as well as financial information (such as eg your credit card number, card expiration date, etc.). If we are having trouble executing your order, we will use your contact information to contact you.



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Citizens of VWP (Visa Waiver Program) member countries are required to obtain an electronic travel authorization system in order to travel to or through the United States.
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